ita-net (UK) ltd.

ita-net is an IT services company based in London, UK.
We provide overall IT support for corporate clients and individuals, from infrastructure development to maintenance and management of all aspects of IT.
Our mission is to provide an enriched IT environment that eliminates IT concerns for businesses and individuals.

Our Services

Our Services

IT Infrastructure Management

For any modern business and remote work, it’s vital to have a fully functioning tech infrastructure.
We provide services for all aspects of infrastructure including but not limited to, setting up, developing and managing servers and network, databases, hardware and websites.

Cloud/CRM Services

The need to have data accessed from anywhere is a growing requirement for many businesses.
We provide solutions to set up or migrate your current system to your desired new Cloud services and CRMs to elevate your work environment.


Part of building an IT infrastructure is to ensure the right measures are taken to protect your data.
We provide both IT security and GDPR audits to ensure your company has watertight data protection measures and policies.

Advantages of ita-net

Advantages of ita-net



We are specialists in the tech infrastructure industry and boast 20+ years of quality service, support and consultation. We are also one of the very few bilingual (Japanese and English) technology service companies in the UK.


Competitive CTO

Hiring a qualified tech staff can be very expensive. With our specialised support, consultation, and competitive prices we can offer a cheaper and better solution. We pride ourselves in our work but can also provide competitive rates due to our proactive and highly efficient workstyle.



We have a small and efficient team to ensure all work is carried out in accordance with your needs and priorities. Should you’re plans change during a project, we will do our utmost to be flexible to accommodate your needs.



We look to work with clients on a long-term basis. As partners we provide an environment of trust to ensure you feel safe for us to handle your databases, servers and inventory when required.

Past and Current Projects

Past and Current Projects


NYK LNG, an international ship management company required IT infrastructure set up and management for their vessels.
ita-net provided consultation, project management, set up and ongoing management of the highly specialised network required for these vessels.

Infrastructure Management

Takenaka Europe, an international Japanese architectural firm, initially had an office with no IT infrastructure.
ita-net set up and managed their whole IT infrastructure which also allowed smooth data transmission between their international offices.

Cloud Migration

Fuelmii, one of Britain’s fastest growing startups, required IT management and digital transformation to match their growing ambitions.
ita-net have since managed all things IT, from infrastructure to web development and successfully completed a cloud-based server migration.

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