Vodafone Business Essentials for BlackBerry®
Minutes Texts Data 24m Line Rental
(ex VAT)
本体価格(ex VAT)
Curve 9360
本体価格(ex VAT)
Torch 9810
本体価格(ex VAT)
Bold 9900
500 250 500MB £25.00 £35.00 £150 £199
750 250 500MB £30.00 £15.00 £130 £179
1,000 250 750MB £35.00 £FREE £110 £159
1,250 250 750MB £40.00 £FREE £90 £139
2,000 250 1024MB £50.00 £FREE £60 £99
3,000 3000 1024MB £65.00 £FREE £FREE £49
 3,000 inclusive minutes to call UK landlines (starting 01,02,03) for up to 60 minutes each call
 Inclusive 500MB/750MB/1GB UK data for email
 250 Inclusive Texts per user

  Business Essentials for BlackBerry®
Add Extras Monthly Price (ex VAT)

 Unlimited Texts for the life of the contract
 Unlimited Voda ? Voda calls ideal for users with colleagues, customers friends and family with a Vodafone number
 0800, 0870, 0845 numbers can be decremented from inclusive bundle

 1 Extra: £5
 2 Extras: £7.50
 3 Extras: £10

Costs & Information
Excessive or Abusive use of data and voice may lead us to request users to moderate their usage and/or we reserve the right to charge users for the excessive element of the usage at the standard rate (data charged at £4.25 per 500MB in the UK) and/or transfer the user to an equivalent tariff.
3,000 mins to Landlines: Max call duration is 60mins. Continued use after 60mins charged at standard rate (12.77ppm). Only applicable to 01, 02 and 03 landline numbers (excluding Isle of Man and Channel Islands, and all other types of calls).
Unused voice minutes do not rollover to the following month.
Out of bundle calls to other Vodafone mobiles, Voicemail & National Numbers cost 12.77ppm.
Calls to other network charged at 29.79ppm.
Out of bundle data usage charged at £4.25 per 500MB in the UK.
Out of bundle UK Messaging: SMS @ 10.2p.
MMS not inclusive; MMS image @ 30.6p; Long SMS @ 12.8p; MMS Video @ 51p; MMS Postcard @ 30.6p Minimum call charge (outside your inclusive minutes) at 3p.
Call returns via Voicemail are charged out of bundle at standard mobile rate.